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Fringe Wine Bottle Coaster

Fringe Wine Bottle Coaster

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Intricately crafted with timeless tradition, this carefully dyed sisal fiber and sweet grass wine bottle coaster makes a bold and exciting statement piece for your next wine party!

Our wine bottle coasters have a multicolored and organic look to them, making them perfect for any style decor. Protect your table from drips with this eclectic entertaining piece.

  • Handwoven in Rwanda
  • 100% Fair Trade
  • Color: Natural/Blue
  • Material: Made of natural fibers
  • Dimensions: 4"dia x 2"h
  • Care: Made of natural fibers and grass; do not submerge in water. If necessary, use a damp cloth to wipe or spot clean the basket. Avoid using chemicals or detergents. Due to being all natural fibers, keep dyed products out of direct sunlight for long periods of time to avoid natural fading. Avoid moisture or temperate changes when possible - If products are being stored for more than 2 weeks, please keep in a temperature controlled environment, elevated off of a concrete floor to avoid fluctuating cold and warm temperatures that could create mold.

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