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Kilim & Flat Weave

Kilim & Flat Weave

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Hand woven in a wool flat weave utilizing vintage yarns, this modern Kilim runner from Rug & Kilim’s Patchwork Kilim rug collection marries inspiration from mid-century Kilim rugs with a whimsical spectrum of red, blue, pink, green, and other colorways against the placid gray background. The finesse employed in each distinct column of colorways is matched only by the vibrant, skillful variations of color that create the sense of movement complementing the geometry, a juxtaposition of the natural movement of a runner with the horizontal pattern for a fabulous negotiation between engaging and playfully calming aesthetic; particularly suitable for entryway and hallway flooring.

  • Colors: Blue/Green/Pink/Red
  • Size Options: 3'8" x 7'10"; 3'11" x 5'; 8' x 10'

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